Reimagining how clinical trials are designed and conducted

Run your study faster
Simplify and automate operations

Welcome to Zeesta, the most advanced Clinical Trials Management Platform

Introducing Zeesta

A secure, regulatory-compliant, validated, modular and intelligent Unified Clinical Trial Platform
Intuitive user interface that adapts to your study requirements and preferences



Fully compliant with existing data protection and information security standards; validated in several studies



Whether a small cohort study or a large trial with a complex design, create the perfect workflow for your study


End-to-end solution

Collect any type of data, manage participants and teams, schedule activities, integrate with third parties, manage study supply, gain insights



Enable remote participation with our advanced participant portal

The fastest study start-up, quickest implementation of changes, most efficient close-out

Zeesta enables the rapid design and creation of data collection forms required by your study protocol and procedures. Your live environment will be ready within a few days. Change your study design or procedures instantly on-the-go. Gain real-time deep insights and share data and reports to external bodies and regulators with just a few clicks.

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Save time and resources

Zeesta enables automation of many of the usual tasks when conducting a clinical trial. You can create custom reports and benefit from advanced AI-enabled alerts and calculations that are tailored to your study requirements.

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Add value across the whole study chain and experience how effects compound



Be in control, engage and
connect from anywhere


Study sites

Manage participants, tasks and documentation. All in one place and with one click


CROs / Trial Units

Let Zeesta work for you and reduce operational costs


Sponsors / Biotech

Get your study completed fast and with confidence

Zeesta is a project
of the University of Oxford

Our value proposition

Lower your study costs
Simplify and automate processes
Get the best user experience

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